FCAS Rank Movers

May 11-15, 2020

Flipside Crypto

This week's crypto assets that have moved rank.

In the past seven days:

ZRX FCAS increased 23-points (2.59%), driven by a 45-point (4.91%) spike in User Activity. Market Maturity also went up 64-points (8.18%).

NMR FCAS climbed 55-points (7.83%), due to a 55-point (7.79%) spike in Developer Behavior and a 65-point (9.34%) climb in User Activity. Market Maturity also increased 17-points (3.08%).

ENJ FCAS went up 16-points (2.5%), following a 26-point (3.09%) increase in User Activity, and a 15-point (3.16%) climb in Developer Behavior.

OLT FCAS spiked 27-points (7.96%), driven by an 87-point (33.21%) climb in User Activity. Developer Behavior also increased 19-points (3.12%).