New Release: The Economic Suite

We partnered with Prysm Group to deliver real-time economic analytics for crypto projects. OAN is our first customer. 

Securing your blockchain through economic analytics: Join us on Friday 1PM EST for a live demo with Prysm Group and OAN at Consensus Distributed.

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Introducing the Economic Suite

If you remember Monday’s industry landscape, you might remember “token economics” as a subcategory on the far right of the arrow. Prysm Group is a token economics provider. 

While blockchain organizations come to us for business intelligence, they go to Prysm Group for economic design - i.e. how to create a network that has the right market incentives to drive user adoption. 

By applying Prysm Group’s economic modeling to our blockchain data, we’ve created a new suite of analytics for blockchains that focuses on econometrics. We’ve called it the Economic Suite. 

The Economic Suite provides insight into whether a blockchain project is delivering value to each of its stakeholders.

With these new dashboards, blockchains can answer questions such as: 

  • Is mining sufficiently decentralized? Benchmark against major networks.

  • Is the platform user-friendly as a tool to make payments? Measure ease of use for consumers.

By providing concrete data on these outcomes, we enable management teams to evaluate whether their projects are achieving their fundamental objectives, or whether changes need to be made.

View full press release here. CoinTelegraph also wrote about it here.

Read our CEO’s take on how this relationship started in this blog post.